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I am live at
  • Playing: Thief 2: The Metal Age
Wow, been years since I've been here O.O

So the past few weeks I have been getting into a groove of streaming video games. (Mainly just PC games because I don't have a capture card)
Started off just playing Squad, a multiplayer modern military shooter that is if ARMA and Battlefield 2 had a baby. But I wanted to stand out a
bit more so got into playing older PC games. I started with Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, then moved onto Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus and
finished it with a couple of viewers. Now I'm going to move onto Thief 2 - The Metal Age and continue after that with more stealth games and
see how that lasts until I want to play a completely different genre. I want to avoid playing the latest games just to get the attention of those
who are watching to see the new game, the big streamers will get those people anyway so I'll just stick to older games and games I really enjoy.

Any who enough of my silly backstory and here's the dang link for my channel
I do have to warn though; I swear, a lot. So if that bothers you, you might want to reconsider watching. But if you're all good and wanna watch,
I'll be streaming Thief 2 later today once this journal goes up. Unemployment gives me a lot of time to stream so streams will be long, though it 
can sometime depend on my mood and tiredness.

Here's that link again for ya

Hope to see you in the chat! :D
  • Playing: Squad
So i have just recently moved out of my parents home. A move that was encouraged by the visit from my boyfriend. He moved out of Melbourne back to his Father's all the way on the other side of the state, to an even more isolated and smaller town compared to where we live now which is still in my home town. He came down to where I live which was a 7 hour trip on public transport. We visited the local real estate agencies and found a decent amount of places we could pick to rent. Just a week later we were called by a landlord merely an hour after checking the place out and we immediately accepted it. Its cheap and had been recently refurbished. Almost another week of setting up power and internet, signing documents and moving stuff, I am now finally moved in. 

This is the second day of sleeping here and I can sense the adaption will take a while. My first proper leap into independence will be a shock. The almost constant payment for food, necessitates, bills. No parents to fall back onto, survival has never been such a relevant feeling to ponder. Luckily though my boyfriend is used to this independence and he is showing me the way, I feel like a child compared to his experience so I will make sure to show that I am appreciative of his guidance. But I don't want him have to do everything and that's what makes me worried, in inexperience being a crutch to our survival. 

This is only the beginning so we will see how everything goes as the weeks pass by. Still gotta look for work, that will make things a bit easier although I do lack experience so that mission will be rough. The future is looking exciting but also very daunting.
  • Watching: Dropped Frames - Week 100 Part 1
  • Playing: Splinter Cell
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I am live at
  • Playing: Thief 2: The Metal Age


The Black Bored Dragon
I'm a Dragon, rawr ^.=.^

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I closed it
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That's an overstatement. There wasn't really anything going on with it so I decided to close it.
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